Pay with ecocheques?

Which products can you buy with your ecocheques?
You can use them for all LED lighting, LED lamps, Solar panels and Wind Energy.

Which ecocheques are accepted by us?
  • the Eco Pass from Sodexo
  • the Eco Cheque from Edenred (ticket eco cheque)
  • the Ecocheques from Monizze
How does it work?
When paying, select "pay at pick up" and enter in comments that you choose to pay with Ecocheques.
When we have to send your order, you still choose the correct shipping method.
You send the valid eco cheques to our address and if necessary make the payment of other products in a different payment way.  As soon as we have received the cheques and payment, we will send your package.

When you pick up your order, you can simply bring the vouchers on collection!

Note the validity date of your eco cheques!!!

How many eco cheques can I use?
You may use multiple eco cheques for your purchases (also from both providers at the same time).  The total amount of eco cheques may not exceed the total amount of your order.  It is not allowed to return money on eco cheques! 
The eco vouchers are only valid on the above mentioned products and are not valid on the shipping costs!