Company info

Navex Elektro specializes in independent energy systems for maritime, mobile or industrial applications, as well as in solving your electrical problems.

We provide tailor-made systems for both individuals and professionals, where the customer's wishes come first.  We have an optimal solutation for every desired energy system.  All our products meet the strict requirements for safety, emission and immunity (CE).

As the main ditributor of Mastervolt inverters, battery chargers, dc-dc converters, generators, Stengel lighting and Sunware Solar panels, Navex Elektro has built up a lot of experience so you always get the right advice!

Our mission: A perfect electrical system built just for you!

Customization that suits you

Navex Elektro stands for customized power supply.  We are not a supplier of separate components.  A random composed system often leads to negative experiences.  Numerous installers, shipyards and end users have a say about it.

We do more than just deliver products.  We are with you idea to finish.

Some strong links through innovative thinking

There are no weak links in the systems and products of Navex Elektro.  Our pursuit of sustainability, quality and ease of use has led to numerous innovative sparks developed and tested by our own team of experts.

Protections.  Energy-saving electronic circuits.  Well-accessible and corrosion-resistant cable connections and connection points.  Design that ensures that the vital parts remain clean and can not be damaged....
All equipment from our delivery program is characterized by great eas of use, high quality and long life.  In practice, a lifespan of 15 years with continuous use is no exception.

Where are we located?

Kotterstraat 10
2030 Antwerp
tel : 0032 (0)3 233 55 89
fax: 0032 (0)3 232 73 86