Waarom is LED verlichting ook voor u voordeliger?

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New products


ChargeMaster Plus

* Multicharger
* Combine Lithium Ion, Gel or AGM, and large or small 12/24V battery banks on a single battery charger
* Charge multiple batteries while being underway
* Very wide operating range of 80-275V AC, 35-70Hz
* Compact, easy to connect and quick to install
Fairs and events


* Mobicar
11-15 oktober 2018

* Bedrijfsvoertuigen Salon / Auto Salon
12-20 Januari 2019

* Belgian Boat Show
9-11 & 15&17 Februari 2019

* 2e hands Motorhomesalon Antwerpen
9-10 Februari 2019
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Navex Elektro specializes in independent power systems for both marine, mobile and industrial applications, as well as in solving your electrical problems.

We provide customized electrical systems for both private persons and professionals.